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Adhesive coverings

BBN Nordic adhesive coverings

The BBN Nordic adhesive coverings allow to renovate easily and faster than a classical renovation. These architectural films can be used to trasnform your walls, furniture or other surfaces. More than 650 references are available among a range of 8 types of vinyl films : wood, leather, marble, solid colour, glitter, mettalic, natural stone and fabric.


Black wood

Textured and conformable self adhesive vinyl covering for walls and furniture in a black wood finish.

Warranty : 10 years
Application temperature : From +15°C to +25°C
Storage from +5°C to +35°C : 3 years
Length : 50 m
Width : 122 cm
Primer/Primer + : Yes
Kraft paper release liner : Yes
Stretchable : Yes
Calendered polymeric : Yes
Interior installation : No
Outside installation : No
UV-Resistant : No
Permanent Air Release Adhesive : Yes
Appearance : Mat
Thickness : 250
Scratch-proof : Low
CE : Yes
IMO : Yes
MED : Yes
RAIL : Yes
VOC : Yes
This product offers exceptional resistance to water, dirt, abrasion, UV rays and wear (yellowing, crackling, scaling, delamination).
For daily care and maintenance of the film use only neutral pH detergents, do not use products with too much acidic or basic pH.
- Hot water (not boiling) can help eliminate stubborn stains
- In some cases, even a solution based on isopropyl alcohol and water can be effective (70% ISO 30% H2O. Not on printed Cover Styl’)
- Use only soft cloths or sponges to clean the vinyl (except glitter)
- If persistent stains are present it means that care and maintenance have not been performed correctly. In this case carry out a repair with patch (not guaranteed but effective and economical) or complete replacement of the vinyl;
- Don’t use any organic-based cleaning product like ammonia or polish to clean vinyl

Non-contractual data and visuals, we reserve the right to modify the composition of its films at any time.

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